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"Her name rhymes with Brian", my mother explained.

Born and raised in a small mountain town in Northern California, I bolted right after high school. I chose Civil Engineering in college, and although I found the courses interesting, I switched to Design halfway through in search of a less male-dominated, more dynamic career path.
After graduation, I ventured overseas, where I fell in love with Paris and Prague. Five months later, I returned to the West coast, resting in San Francisco, it being the closest thing I could find to European elegance in my home state.

Looking for work, I stumbled into the CD ROM sector of multimedia gulch. I started in the art department, because my degree emphasis was in graphic design and visual imagery. I found myself moving towards the technical side of production, becoming intimate with DeBabelizer and the joys of palette manipulation. I am happiest working at the point where art and programming meet, or doing things that combine the two.
My latest dabblings have been on the Internet, finding a comfortable balance between graphic design, art production, utilitarian functionality and those organized lines of code.

In my other life, I enjoy playing in my kitchen, Bay Area beaches, Hong Kong action flicks, David Bowman, Hal Hartley, hockey and a handsome old pussycat named Jasper.

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