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Ian Starr

Web Designer - www.stuntbaby.com, 1998.

  • Designed content, navigation and appearance of site. Produced and optimized artistic elements. Implemented HTML coding, site expansion and maintenance.

Art Technician and Production Assistant - working title "Head Cheese"
Children's games used to screen reading disabilities, San Francisco Production Group, 1997.

  • Tracked Assets (scripts, task contents, audio files, Director files). Organized and managed visual and sound aspects of Director files. Assisted in lip syncing and audio effects planning. Created color palettes for stop-motion QuickTime movies and Photoshop art. Designed and produced art for several tasks within the games.

Computer Graphics Technician and Artist - working title "Gotham"
Multi-character adventure game with pending release date, Theatrix Interactive, 1996-1997.

  • Assisted in development of proprietary in-house production software. Wrote software documentation and trained production artists. Created, manipulated and tracked color palettes. Assisted in QuickTime research and development.

Lead Production Artist - "Big Science Comics"
Children's educational game, Theatrix Interactive, 1996.

  • Designed graphics, created 3-D renderings and produced 2-D art. Documented production processes and trained artists. Assisted in design and layout of user guide.

Assistant Art Director and Lead Digital Artist - "Morgan's Science Trivia Machine"
Children's educational game, Morgan Interactive, 1995.

  • Collaborated in visual design of game and educational content.

Graphic Designer and Lead Production Artist - "Cooking for Today"
Interactive cookbooks, Multicom and Better Homes and Gardens®, 1995.

  • Designed layout and "look and feel" of multi-product line. Produced digital artwork, 2-D layout and photo optimization. Created 100 icons for series-wide navigation. Responsible for typography usage and layout.

Assistant Art Director and Digital Artist - "Get Ready for School Charlie Brown"
Children's educational CD-ROM, Virgin Sound & Vision, 1995.

  • Developed and documented animation cel production system, including automated batch processing. Trained staff of production artists. Assisted in educational activity design. Produced digital artwork following specific production guidelines set by client.

Graphic Designer - January 1995 - present

  • I design and produce logos, business cards, letterhead, newsletters, advertisements, web interface, web headers, animated Gif's and Shockwave files.

... Photoshop ... DeBabelizer ... Director ... Illustrator ... Freehand ... QuarkXPress ... Resorcerer ... SoundEdit ... Strata StudioPro ... CodeWarrior ... Filemaker Pro ... Fireworks ... BBEdit ... Dreamweaver ... GifBuilder ... Shockwave ... Flash ...

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, University of California at Davis

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